DIY Peppermint and Pomegranate Body Scrub

As summer temperature reaches its pinnacle, the need to quench our everlasting thirst become more intense and we need something zesty and refreshing to beat the heat. Since this scrub recipe contains peppermint and pomegranate as chief ingredients, you can expect an invigorating and refreshingly coolness out of it. Besides, it supplies your body with the much-needed hydration and moisture that it craves for during summer season.
Let’s find out how to make this awesomely amazing scrub at home to pamper your dehydrated body:
• 2 cups granulated sugar
• ¼ cup coconut oil or olive oil
• Few drops peppermint essential oil
• Pomegranate juice for color and refreshingly cool feel ( those who are allergic to pomegranate juice may add raspberry juice)
peppermint and pomegarnate scrub
1. Take the required sugar quantity into a bowl and pour coconut oil. Mix them together to get the smooth consistency making sure that oil is thoroughly spread in between the granules.
2. Add peppermint essential oil for a cooling sensation stirring it well so that it is completely mixed.
3. Finally, add the pomegranate juice or raspberry juice (whichever suits you) for a refreshing color sensation.
Tip: it is recommended and advised that you shouldn’t use any artificial colorants as they may act harsh on your skin and may damage it rather than doing anything good.


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