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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Review

I know summers have been playing real cruel and taking a toll on everyone’s skin. As being the victim of this sometimes humid while sometimes-dry climate, we are unable to come to a conclusion so as which product to pick so as to satisfy our changing skin’s needs. We look out for everything perfect and what if we get exactly the same that soothes and quenches our thirst skin in summers.

Today, our experts are reviewing the much popular moisturizer from one of the leading international brands in dermatology and cosmetology- Clinique.

What does the company claim about the product?

Dermatologist-developed formula combined oil-free hydration with skin-strengthening ingredients.

Your daily moisturizer helps skin look younger, longer.

Quantity- 125 ml with pump

Price- $26


Experience with the product:

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from this one too after getting disappointed by almost all other moisturizers from major brands, but to my own surprise, this has certainly done wonders to my oily and lifeless skin.

The texture of this one is some what a mix of a gel and crème; it does not feel oily or greasy on skin at all. It blends like a dream and smoothens the texture of skin as soon as applied.

The biggest advantage is that it doesn’t cause acne breakouts on face and keeps oiliness under control for a long time if applied correctly (after cleansing and toning). It is absolutely fragrance free.


Performance: 4/5

Quality: 4.5/5

Aroma: 5/5 (no aroma)

Price: 3.6/5


Overall Score: 4.15/5




Review: Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter

It would be completely erroneous to say that skin doesn’t get dry in summers, as skin tends to become duller and more dehydrated in summers than winters. Moreover, you are at risk of getting small zits and boils due to soaring temperature. While on my shopping spree last month, I came across this product called gentle foaming cleanser with Shea butter by Clarins.

I have always been a person who gets fascinated by Clarins products for the quality and performance they deliver. With no exception, I picked up this cleanser with same hopes and expectations and it is time when I can review it, as it’s been almost a month since I have been using it.

clarins foaming cleanser


What does the company claim about the product?

As gentle as cleansing milk, and as effective as soap, this creamy mousse floats away makeup, pollutants and pore clogging debris- without disturbing skins natural moisture balance. Softens, smoothens and soothes with nourishing Shea Butter and Pro-Vitamin B5. Clean-rinse formula neutralizes the drying effects of hard water.

Quantity: 125 ml

Price: $23


My experience with the product:

This cleansing foam comes in a tube, which is the best part about it as there is no spilling and wastage. Secondly, its texture is creamy and is off-white in color and blends like a charm over wet face.


Despite of being so creamy, it is not at all heavy or greasy on skin and smoothens onto skin cleansing it thoroughly. All you need to do is to wet your face- apply the appropriate amount- massage gently for a minute- wash with water and pat your face dry followed by a moisturizer, if needed.

It is actually very gentle and takes care of sensitive skin including dry patches. Overall, it fulfills what it claims.


Score Card:


Quality: 5/5

Performance: 4.7/5

Price: 4/5

Aroma: 5/5

Overall score: 4.65/5

Would I recommend it?

Of course, big YES.


Review: Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

Undoubtedly, the temperature is soaring and scorching heat is fretting the minds and bodies. Gone are those days when skin used to get dry and flaky in winters as skin gets equally dry and flaky in summers as well. Thus, it becomes quite essential to restore skin’s hydration and vitality in summers as well.


Honestly, I have tried almost all types of moisturizers available in the market and I was quite disappointed by almost all of them unless I switched to Cetaphil. Using Cetaphil thoroughly quenched my skin’s everlasting thirst and provided it the nourishment my skin was craving for.

cetaphil DAM

Let’s find out how it actually worked and satisfied my needs:


What does the company claim about the product?

Designed with a unique combination of five ingredients, Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion is clinically proven to hydrate for 24 hours. The moisturizing formula is fast acting, long lasting, and helps moisturize dry skin. Non-irritating, non-greasy, non-comedogenic, and fragrance free. Contains epidermal replenishing complex 5, a unique combination of 5 ingredients that protects dry skin and enhances hydration.

Quantity: 100 g

Price: INR 280

My experience with the product:

 Honestly, at first, I wasn’t expecting much from this lotion as I really have very dry skin and had tried so many emollients already and none worked much efficaciously. Cetaphil has been quite thick in consistency yet it blends like a charm on the face. Though it feels greasy, it doesn’t get greasy while applying it on skin. Just a pea size or little more is enough for the entire face. It moisturizes as well as hydrates skin quite well without irritating it or causing any acne zits.

Upon applying the lotion, my skin feels smooth, supple, and soft. Trust me, it didn’t break me out and I was quite astonished and happy about the fact, as my skin is really sensitive and acne prone.

Let’s look for the Pros and Cons:



  • Does exactly what it claims
  • Skin feels softer, smoother, and suppler
  • Doesn’t break out
  • Non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores or cause blackheads)
  • Paraben-free.


  • No cons at all.

Overall Ratings:

 Quality: 5/5

 Performance: 5/5

 Price: 5/5

 Aroma: 5/5 (no aroma)