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10 Quick Summer and Monsoon Skincare Tips

Sunshine has once again knocked the doors and temperature is at its pinnacle leaving us with no other option than to fret, fret, and only fret. I would suggest you to keep calm and rejuvenate and refresh your skin, as this is the best time to slough off dead-dull skin and have glowing skin all over. All you need to have is an inner cool and no qualms at all and you are just sorted throughout the season.


Here are some quickies and tips from the experts that will transform you from inside out.

#1- Stay Hydrated


When I say hydrated I mean it by all means whether hydrating your body or your skin. The weather is meant to squeeze the water content out of your body and you need replenishing and restoring means to quench your skin’s and body’s thirst. Drink as many liters of water as you can and apply hydrating lotions at least twice a day. I recommend a minimum of 3 liters for females in summers and 4 liters for males. Besides, eat fruits that are high in water content like watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges, sweet lemon, etc.


#2- Exfoliate


Besides hydrating yourself, exfoliation is the key to have blissful skin throughout the season. In such a season, skin tends to become greasy with oil accumulated all over the face along with sweat leading to breakouts. Hence, it is suggested to exfoliate your skin thrice a week in summers to slough off dead skin cells and other impurities and have your glow and spotless skin maintained. If you have an acne-prone or sensitive skin, go for mild exfoliators so that they do not act harsh on your skin.


#3- SPF


Now, this tip works throughout the year regardless of the season. SPF or Sun Protection Formula is essentially a needed supply for your skin as water. It not only protects your skin from tanning and photo ageing but also prevent hazardous ailments like sin cancer etc. it is recommended to wear a minimum of SPF 30 with broad spectrum reapplying it every 3 hours religiously for benefiting results. Always wait for at least 20 minutes after you apply your sunscreen for it to form a protective barrier on your skin. It is also recommended that you wear a protective clothing and wide brimmed hat.

#4- Cleansing


Most of you skip evening or night cleansing due to cold weather but do not take such risks with skin during any time as skin goes through a terrible phase as it bears oils and sweat and on top of it, if you will head to bed without cleansing your face, results can be shocking and unbearable. It is advised to cleanse your face 3 times a day during summers and monsoons even if you are sitting indoors. Cleansing takes off unwanted oil and grime from your face making it spotlessly clean and clear. Choose cleansers according to your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, opt for cream based cleansers while choose gel based if you have oily or acne-prone skin.


#5- Feet


While taking care of your face, do not overlook rest of your body especially your feet that need a little extra attention in summers. Since it’s summery weather again, and you will be wearing gladiators and flip-flops, make your feet look smooth and soft, as you cannot afford to have dried and chapped feet. Scrub off your feet twice or thrice a week and massage it with a night cream leaving it to work overnight and next morning you will be glad to see a newly born and rejuvenated feet altogether.


#6- Face Packs

Cucumber 1

Soaring temperature certainly affects the body temperature and you can easily feel warmth and heat all over your body including face. Heat is the key to having bumps and no one wants to have it, so hit for cooling and soothing face packs that will control the warmth on your face cooling it from within. You can buy face packs or masques containing Aloe Vera or Cucumber or you can simple make one at home.


#7- Lips


Sunrays act pretty harsh on lips making them dull, dry, and dehydrated. The best way to beat the sun’s heat is to always carry a lip balm, preferably a one that comes with SPF. Reapply it every one to one and half hours or at your own ease whenever your lips feel thirsty. You can also opt for colored ones available in the market.


#8- Face Mist or Tissues


While working in the office and being overcooked by the workload, you are absolutely in no mood to go to the washroom cleansing and freshening yourself up. In such a case, you should carry a face mist or wet wipes in your bag so that you can refresh your senses and awake them whenever you feel tired and drowsy. Trust me, you will have a sense of invigoration after spraying your favorite mist be it lemongrass or lavender.


#9- Protection

it is amazing that you wear SPF, hydrate your body with lotion, but other protections are needed as well such as covering your face and whole body. If you feel suffocated in covering up your face, you can buy a hat with a wide brim that will add to your sun protection.


#10- Treatment


Although you try to stay protected and safe in the weather, sill you develop a few dark spots and pigmentation here and there making your overall appearance to look dull. In such a case, hit the doors of your dermatologists or buy spot correcting crèmes and serums preferably of trustworthy brands such as Clinique, Estee Lauder etc.


I am sure that you can never go wrong and would suffer with these tried and proven skincare tips. Beat the heat and enjoy the weather being yourself- happy and glowing.

Happy Blooming!!